• Buffet trolleys for offices, hotels and conference centres

  • Know-how und technology for Cook-Chill and Cook-Serve systems in hospitals

  • Meal-distribution systems for care centres and old people’s homes

  • Meal-service solutions for prisons

  • Tailored meal-service solutions for schools and day-care centres

  • Products and systems support for meals-on-wheels services

Always the right recipe

temp-rite: meal-distribution systems for hospitals and industrial kitchens

Your catering team performs wonders: every day, they produce enormous numbers of tasty meals. For hard-pressed kitchen and serving staff, exact timing, working at high speed under pressure, and co-ordinating activities at various locations are all part of the job. The day-to-day challenges they face are formidable; efficient planning is crucial.

temp-rite supports you with powerful, customized solutions. As one of Europe’s leading suppliers of meal-distribution systems, we have the experience, the know-how and the product range for efficient work routines and high-quality meal distribution.

More than that, you can be sure our systems will harness the full potential of your kitchen logistics – temp-rite will make a key contribution to your commercial success. Talk to us!

temp-rite International provides partnerships to organisations looking for innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions in meal distribution and logistics, based on customer needs.