temp-rite: an innovative and reliable meal-distribution partner

temp-rite is a forward-looking and reliable meal-distribution partner. We will perform every task you set us. We want to hear you say, “In temp-rite, I have found the partner that delivers the best and most cost-efficient answers to my meal-distribution needs”.

Such an expression of confidence is like a rush of adrenalin for our company. It motivates our teams and workgroups, and all the members of staff whose job is to ensure that patients in hospitals and care-home residents feel well cared for.

It is our goal to support you – our customers – with all the means available to us, so that you can serve your customers meals of the highest standard at an acceptable cost.

Over the past 40 years, we have learned that there can be no standard response to every situation. Along the way, we have acquired enormous expertise in devising solutions that meet the differing needs and preferences of all our customers.

Our staff have at their disposal a wide and varied range of hardware systems and system components. Our software, on the other hand, is the experience we have gained through serving more than 3,500 customers all over Europe, and the expertise that our specialist staff carry around in their heads.

With all our experience and resources, we can offer you the following as part of our service:

  • technical support,
  • operational know how – before, during and after the start-up phase,
  • support with the management of your new kitchen – as and when required.

Have a look at our Website: it will give you a good idea of our company, our services, and our vision.
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