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temp-rite has set itself the goal of providing a range of high-quality equipment and systems you can rely on as perfect partners in your kitchen. Reliable, flexible, user-friendly equipment and systems which “just work”, and which guarantee perfectly presented meals. Because of our long years of experience, our preference for long-lasting materials and our enthusiasm for combining ergonomic design with innovative technologies, we have succeeded in developing a range of products we feel confident will meet all your requirements.

In temp-rite International you have found a partner who can translate expertise gained all over the world into functioning reality. For you. We have developed products that complement each other, acquired know-how you can profit from, and have the resources to provide you with valuable practical back-up and support. That’s what sets us apart.

Innovative technology, designs perfected through years of experience, long-lasting materials and user convenience are temp-rite hallmarks… Download
Dock Rite Broschüre
Dock-Rite consists of a mobile docking station and an easy-to-manoeuvre dockable ward trolley…. Download
Natu-Rite Broschüre
With our new Natu-Rite product range, we´re taking a fresh look at sustainability. Download
Natu-Rite Disposable Lids info sheet
Natu-Rite Disposable Lids info sheet
The disposable lids from Natu-Rite are also biodegradable and offer many advantages. Find out exactly what these are and what biodegradable actually means in this info sheet. Download
Serve-Rite Pro Broschüre
Serve-Rite Pro
The perfect buffet trolley with the smiling exterior. Download
Temp Classic Broschüre
Temp-Classic Pro
Temp-Classic Pro will transform your mealtimes into culinary highlights… Download
Temp Contact Broschüre
Temp-Contact – setting a new standard in meal distribution… Download
Temp- Flex Broschüre
Easy-to-use, lightweight ward trolley for user-friendly transport of tray-systems. Download
Temp-Serve Broschüre
When it’s time to serve hot and cold foods to your patients, Temp-Serve is the solution… Download
Temp-Trolley Broschüre
Enclosed ward trolley with deep-drawn embossed gliders for transporting various types of tray… Download
Temp Serve Broschüre
Trayline Equipment
temp-rite supplies catering equipment designed specifically for use with its meal-distribution systems… Download