GeräteTemp-Flex – our easy-to-use, lightweight ward trolley for user-friendly transport of tray systems

Our Temp-Flex station trolley is characterised by its easy handling combined with a stable and weight-optimised design.

The material mix of the Temp-Flex consists of aluminium and stainless steel components, which offers the trolley maximum stability with a simultaneously low net weight. This makes the Temp-Flex easier to manoeuvre – even when loaded – and offers advantages in delivery logistics due to the weight savings. Added to this is the user-friendly application of an immobilizer pedal, which has already proven its worth in in-flight catering.

Special, deep-drawn push-in glider rails
makes inserting and removing trays a
snap. Compared with welded-in guide
rails, the special Temp-Flex gliders offer
significant advantages in terms of
hygiene and ease of cleaning.
Highly versatile, practical and easy to
keep hygienically clean.

The four-door design allows loading of the
trolley from the back or the front. A spring-loaded lock makes it easy to open and close the doors, which can each be opened by 270 degrees. When open, the all-round bumper frame protects the doors. The interior of the trolley is double-walled insulated and thus contributes to an energy-efficient temperature control of the food. The trolley and its contents are protected by four corner bumpers and an all-round edge protector.

For more information about the Temp-Flex and optional customisation options, take a look into the brochure.