Aktive SystemeTemp-Serve –
When it’s time to serve hot and cold foods to your patients

warme und kalte Speisen servierenwarme und kalte Speisen servieren Suitable for Cook-Serve, Cook-Chill/Cook-Freeze

The Temp-Serve LQC controls offer ready-to-function programs that facilitate the setting of times and temperatures. Regeneration and keeping food hot are accomplished by means of a thermo-convection system that circulates hot air throughout the oven side of the trolley. Cold food items are kept refrigerated by a forced-air circulation system. Inside Temp-Serve, a self-closing, guillotine-type divider wall with no gaskets completely separates the hot from the cold side of the tray. The tray slides into the divider wall: this immediately guarantees the separation of the tray components. Separation is also guaranteed when a tray is not inserted

The surface area of the tray and the methods of heating and cooling provide every food-service specialist with the opportunity to create a complete meal that is flexibly presentable, pleasing to the eye, appetizing and appropriate to the dietary needs. The trays (575 x 325 mm) have two equal wells and are stackable and reversible. With Temp-Serve you can use any type of dishware (e.g. china, high-heat plastics, or high-temperature disposable products).

Temp-Serve is constructed using a combination of materials, making it strong and durable as well as easy to manoeuvre throughout your facility. It is insulated with high-temperature material.

The side panels and the top of the trolley are made of an ABS-plastic that is strong, longwearing, and resistant to stains and chemicals. All interior corners are curved. The divider wall can be easily removed for simple maintenance and deep cleaning. Frame gaskets, tray support frames and ventilation panels are also easily removable for cleaning.

Die Konstruktion und die verwendeten Materialien machen den Wagen besonders pflegeleicht und hygienisch. Die Seiten und die Abdeckung bestehen aus besonders stabilem Kunststoff (ABS), der resistent gegen Chemikalien und Verschmutzungen ist, alle inneren Ecken haben Radien, um eine saubere und hygienische Reinigung zu ermöglichen. Der Klimateiler kann dazu vollständig entfernt werden, ebenso wie die Tablettauflagen und Dichtungen.

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