TablettsystemeEasy to hold, easy to carry:
tray systems by temp-rite

temp-rite’s meal-distribution trays are made of extremely robust polypropylene and are double-walled. The tray surfaces are easy to clean and do not impart any taste or smell to food. An internal layer of CFC-free polyurethane foam provides a high degree of insulation. All system components are dishwasher-safe and have strong protective rims.

temp-rite’s insulated trays hold an entire meal (breakfast, midday meal or evening meal), complete with side dishes, beverages, soups, snacks, cutlery, napkin, patient menu card etc.

The tray systems utilize the thermal-zone principle and have separate compartments for the various meal components. The compartments have raised rims which hold the porcelain inserts securely in place, and prevent spillage. This makes it easier for elderly patients to feed themselves. The division of the trays into thermal zones ensures that hot and cold meal components served side by side remain at the desired temperatures..

temp-rite tray systems consist of a server and a cover, and can be stacked. This means they can be transported on open – i.e. inexpensive – ward trolleys.