Discover our MODUL chinaware range!

If serving space is at a premium, but you need to use dishware articles of varying sizes, you’ll like our MODUL range. For as well as being easily stackable within a small footprint, it guarantees maximum versatility of use in a variety of food-service settings.

The six-piece MODUL range consists of bowls, plates and a set plate. Because of its modular design, the individual set pieces can be combined exactly as required.  All of the set components comply with standardized  ¼- , ½- und 1/1 chinaware sizes,  so two of the smaller-sized pieces can be stacked on the next-largest piece if you’re short of space. The advantages of the MODUL range are obvious:

  • Minimized space requirement – for example on buffet carts
  • Maximum versatility in a wide range of meal-service scenarios
  • Secure stacking
  • Attractive design
  • Effective use of available capacity when separate basket dispensers are being used
  • Reduces outlay in investment in basket dispensers
  • Takes up less room in the kitchen area
  • High-quality German-made product

Together, the Serve-Rite cold-buffet cart and our MODUL chinaware range form an unbeatably flexible and easy-to-use combination.