Serve-Rite Pro

The buffet cart for more variety, smart features and modern meal-time hospitality.

The latest generation of the successful Serve-Rite family of buffet carts is available in two basic models, L and M. Both types can individualized by means of a wide range of optional extras.


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Modern Hospitality

The modern design is expressed through brushed stainless-steel structural elements, attractive coloured panels and warm white LED lighting. The Serve-Rite Pro carts radiate hospitality. They are available in a range of attractive colours – which can even, on request, be individually matched to your decor requirements.

Individual Flexibility

You’ll be impressed by the flexibility of the Serve-Rite Pro. A wide range of neutral and refrigerated drawer columns in a variety of heights is available. Each drawer is fitted with a soft-close mechanism, and, depending on how the column is configured, individual drawers will accommodate GN containers having a height of 65, 100, 150 or 200 mm.

You can choose between a full gantry of conventional design and an innovative modular gantry.

The conventional full gantry is a generously proportioned superstructure that provides plenty of space for the presentation of all kinds of food items. The L Model gantry can hold up to 8 1/3 GN containers; the M Model gantry holds up to 5.

The modular gantry consists of a covered display shelf plus a module for two drink dispensers. The insulated drink dispensers are held in place in their own tray, which is an integrated part of the gantry. This arrangement leaves plenty of space on the worktop for the preparation of meal components. And filling the dispensers with hot drinks is a snap.

The modular gantry also has an integrated, beaker-shaped accessory holder for items frequently served with hot drinks. (This holder is also optionally available for the conventional gantry.) Individual portions of milk and sugar, for example, can be stored in this holder.

A separate cutlery holder that fastens onto the slanting support column at either side of the cart as well as a number of further optionally available accessories guarantee the individual configurability of the cart.

Smart Features

The excellently designed double castors guarantee stability and ease of handling when the cart is being moved. The enclosed construction of the wheel units prevents build-ups of dirt that could make the cart hard to push. The ergonomically designed Kick Pedal makes operating the immobilizer fast and easy – regardless of the kind of shoes the user is wearing. This will reduce wear and tear on the castors and the immobilizer when the cart is in continuous use. However, Serve-Rite Pro carts fitted with tried and tested standard castors are also available. 

An intuitive Assist Drive powered by a high-performance battery is optionally available. Together with the double castors, it takes most of the effort out of pushing and manoeuvring the cart. If required, the Assist Drive can be provided with an additional parking function that enables sideways manoeuvring of the buffet cart.  

The folding side shelf – supplied as standard – provides additional set-down space for coffeepots and dishware.

Also on the left-facing side of the buffet cart, there is a centrally positioned facia panel on which all of the cart’s technical controls are clearly laid out.

The easily accessible compartment on the right-facing side of the cart is enclosed behind two doors. This compartment contains an easily removable waste bin and also provides additional storage space.

High Standards of Hygiene

The optimized insulation of the refrigerated drawer columns ensures close control of the temperature at which chilled food items are served. It also increases the energy efficiency of the buffet cart.

A version of the refrigerated drawer columns featuring integrated UVC lamps is also optionally available. An independent test institute has found that the routine use of UVC lamps significantly reduces the growth of mould and acts as an additional inhibitor of the growth of bacteria.

All Serve-Rite Pro carts feature the innovative Lamishield® laminate. During the manufacturing of the laminated worktops, an additive is incorporated in the finishing layer of laminate. This silver-ion based technology provides the worktops with outstanding antimicrobial properties. In other words, in conjunction with thorough cleaning routines and high standards of hygiene, the Lamishield® laminates will reduce the spread of bacteria on the worktops by up to 99%.

Further optionally available hygiene modules for the carts are available in the form of a three-sided sneeze guard and a disinfectant dispenser.

The new Serve-Rite Pro buffet carts deliver a convincing and comprehensive range of hygiene measures that will meet ALL your requirements.