temp-rite helps convert meal-distribution system in Ghent hospital

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AZ Maria Middelares highly satisfied with cooperation

In April 2015, the Maria Middelares General Hospital in Ghent (Belgium) managed to move all its patients into a brand new building in just one day. The opening of the state-of-the-art care facility provided an opportunity for the reorganization of the existing meal-distribution system, and temp-rite was on hand to support the hospital throughout the reorganization process.

Detailed tests

According to facility manager Peter Dierickx and head of catering Luc Rosseel, a number of comparative tests were performed before temp-rite’s systems were given the green light. After having carefully examined seven different meal-distribution systems, staff from various hospital departments deemed temp-rite’s concept to be the most suitable.

Technical, ergonomic and logistic aspects were taken into account in the tests, as well as the temperature, taste and presentation of the food. temp-rite’s systems scored highly on all these counts, and were also outstanding in terms of their price-to-performance ratio. Dierickx reports that the test team felt the Temp-Contact trolleys were not only well thought-out, but also delivered regenerated meals of excellent quality.

New generation of contact-heating systems

Fallstudie Temp-Contact

The energy-efficient Temp-Contact system meets the most stringent contact-heating requirements. By placing domes on the respective dishes, the catering staff can determine whether the meal component in question is regenerated or remains cold. Warm and cold items can thus be transported together in one trolley. temp-rite’s ITC (Integrated Thermo Control) heating pods gently reheat the meal components that require regeneration to just the right temperature. In this process, the consistency and quality of the food remain unimpaired. And with the aid of a software package, it is possible to track the trolley from the kitchen to the ward, and to control the temperature of the meals. The food is thus served to the patients at exactly the right temperature.

Meal-distribution solutions at breakfast and dinner time

On busy days, temp-rite’s Serve-Rite buffet trolleys can provide upwards of 500 patients in the Ghent hospital with bread-based meals and snacks for breakfast and dinner. As with the Temp-Contact trolley, the Serve-Rite carts came top in a series of elaborate tests, and were found to fit in best with the existing environment and hospital procedures.

Complete satisfaction

In total, 37 Temp-Contact regeneration trolleys, 22 Serve-Rite buffet carts and 40 Temp-Trolleys (insulated transport trolleys) were acquired by the hospital to upgrade its meal-distribution systems. Long after the completion of the building work and the introduction of the new equipment, head chef Luc Rosseel is still very happy with the concept and the immaculate functionality of the trolleys.

The Maria Middelares General Hospital implementation team were greatly impressed by the quality of the active support and service provided by temp-rite during the system start-up. The patients were not disturbed by the reorganization process, which proceeded smoothly. Even on the day of the move, meals were distributed in the normal way, without any problems.

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