Step one: situation analysis

First, we listen and observe – in order to draw up a picture of your establishment and the prevailing operating conditions.

  • Infrastructure: How many wards/dining areas are you catering for, and how do you get to them? We take a careful note of transport routes, lifts and other relevant particulars.
  • Work routines: How are the meals prepared and distributed? What are the operational arrangements in your kitchen, and in the meal-regeneration area? What transport routes and vehicles are available/required? What are operating conditions like in the wards/dining areas where the meals will be served? All our planning is based on a detailed knowledge of operating structures.
  • Time management: We will analyse your staffing levels, and the hours that your kitchen and serving personnel work. We will also analyse how you use your meal-carrying vehicles. A good meal-service system makes full use of all existing potentials!