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You experience it every day: distributing meals efficiently to large numbers of diners is a highly complex logistical undertaking. Performing efficiently, day in day out, depends on having the right systems in place. Have you chosen the best possible routes? Is the timing optimized? Efficient work routines are essential if diners are to be kept happy, and costs optimized.

temp-rite can provide more than just the right equipment for your meal distribution operation: we have the expertise to develop your existing systems, and to install new ones for you. We’ll be there for you from the moment you conceive an idea until the very last plate is put in the dishwasher. Because correct planning and implementation are the key to success.

  • Is Cook-Chill preferable to Cook-Serve?
  • Is contact heat an alternative to hot air?
  • Will an insulated tray system guarantee compliance with HACCP guidelines?
  • Is there a new system that would make better use of your kitchen resources?
  • Would a new system help you acquire new groups of external customers?

Each of these questions requires an individual answer – an answer on which the economic efficiency of your meal-distribution operations may well depend.

Our specialists will help you work out the solution that best meets your needs – no matter whether you’re running a small nursery school or a major hospital. Talk to us!!

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temp-rite is double ISO-certified!

Quality management: hospitals, old-people’s homes and care-providing institutions attach great importance to the quality of the services and products their suppliers deliver. temp-rite’s Quality Management System meets all the requirements set out in DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Ecological awareness: temp-rite Germany also has DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification. This underlines just how seriously we take protecting the environment, and achieving a sustainable balance between commercial and ecological considerations.

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