Cook-Freeze systems by temp-rite

For many catering companies, Cook-Freeze systems offer the best way of delivering high-quality food with maximum economic efficiency. Since with this preparation method meals don’t have to be prepared directly before they are consumed, optimum use can be made of existing capacities.

Thanks to its many years of practical experience in the field of professional meal distribution, you can rely on temp-rite to partner you successfully when the time comes to optimize your meal-preparation methods. We have state-of-the-art carts (and matching tray systems) that regenerate meals gently while leaving you with fine-tuneable logistical options. And we offer a wide range of supporting accessories. temp-rite is your one-stop shop for individualized meal-service solutions.

Are you thinking about switching over to Cook-Freeze meal preparation? Our sales teams will be only too happy to explain what possibilities are available to you.

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