GeschirrDishware for temp-rite’s meal-distribution systems

An extensive selection of dishware is available for temp-rite’s meal-distribution systems. No two situations are exactly the same; every set of requirements deserves special attention. That’s why we offer several very different ranges of dishware.

China: Top-quality hotel-grade chinaware with extra-hard glaze and chip-resistant edges. All patterns are in-glazed and thus dishwasher-safe.
Glassware: temp-rite’s hardened, white-glass tableware is highly resistant to thermal and mechanical stressing.
Reusable plastic: All of these pieces were specially designed for use in temp-rite’s meal-distribution systems. Optimum matching with our various ranges is thus guaranteed.
Disposable plastic: For the most part, these items are made of polystyrene. Some are microwavable, or capable of withstanding contact heat.
Sustainable disposables: Natu-Rite menu trays are made of sugar-cane fibre, which is a fast-growing and fully biodegradable raw material. Because the trays are biolaminated, they will hold soft, runny and liquid foods. They can also be used in Cook & Chill operations.

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