Step two: drawing up of concept

  • In order to create the best possible meal-distribution system, we analyse shift patterns / menu planning / time-management plans / how meals are distributed to wards / meal-portioning times / dishwashing times / work-activity charts / meals-on-wheels schedules / etc.
  • When we have gathered sufficient meal-planning and internal time-management data, we sit down with the customer to define the performance requirements the new meal-distribution system must meet.
  • We check critical control points (CCPs) to establish how compliant they are with legal regulations.
  • We will help with the setting of operating temperatures for system components, and provide expert advice on foodstuffs, the location and layout of work areas (kitchens, storerooms, trolley parks etc.) and equipment (dishwashers, portioning equipment, off-the-shelf products etc.).

Our findings are entered in the detailed file we provide as a reference document for your staff. This documentation can be kept on the premises (e.g. in wards).


Unsere Referenzen
Unsere Referenzen