Aktive SystemeKeep all your meal-service options open with Dock-Rite

warme und kalte Speisen servierenwarme und kalte Speisen servieren Suitable for cook-serve, cook-chill/cook-freeze

Dock-Rite uses circulating air to deliver heat to warm meals and cold to cold meals. That means it’s ideal for Cook-Chill and plain Cook-Serve meal-preparation operations. The system consists of a compact mobile docking station and an easy-to-manoeuvre dockable ward trolley. This simple yet highly efficient combination will help you optimize your meal-distribution operations. The highly manoeuvrable enclosed ward trolley has no onboard heating or cooling technology – you simply push it into the mobile docking station, which delivers air conditioned exactly in accordance with your requirements. Cold meal components are kept at just the right temperature; hot meal components are either regenerated to perfection or kept at just the right temperature.

The system is available with capacities of 20 GN/EN trays, or up to 40 Mini-Trays. It will accommodate most types of dishware, and the mobile docking stations can be used either centrally or decentral. Yet although the Dock-Rite system is highly flexible, you won’t have to make any concessions in terms of meal quality, for the system will fit in perfectly with the dynamics of your service routines, and keep every meal at exactly the right temperature. That’s good for your staff, and good for your patients or guests.



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