ClochenTemp-Active ADVANTAGE –
optimum temperature maintenance by means of induction heating

warme Speisen servieren Suitable for Cook-Serve

Temp-Active ADVANTAGE keeps meals warm for much longer than a standard pellet system.

Special bases designed for use with the traditionally styled Allure pellet domes. Will accommodate plates with diameters of up to 23 cm. Temp-Active servers have an integrated active heating core. The heating cores are preheated by means of induction to an optimum temperature in special activators (TRIHA95-ADVANTAGE) in just 12 seconds, after which they gently impart their heat to the food on the plate. The ADVANTAGE Activator is easy to operate: the bases are simply pushed into a guide, which positions them correctly. The activating process then starts automatically. After the core of the base reaches the required temperature, the process is automatically ended. The illuminated controls show when a base is being activated and when activation has been completed.

Every Temp-Active core is pre-heated in exactly the same way to exactly the same temperature. Because the side walls of the servers are heat-insulated, they remain cool to the touch, and can safely be handled without oven gloves or special lifting utensils. The insulation also prevents heat from escaping downwards, so the servers can be set down on just about any surface without damaging it. Temp-Active system components are stored in special (TRG1750) system trolleys.

Temp-Active ADVANTAGE guarantees that the covered food is kept at over 65°C for more than 60 minutes (assuming a portioning temperature of at least 74°C), even if the dishes are at room temperature when portioning takes place. A heated dispenser is therefore not required. With pre-heated crockery (min. 74°C), the temperature is kept at over 65°C for at least 73 minutes.

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