Temp-Classic in the Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium in Jena

Fallstudie Temp-Classic

The Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium in the Thuringian city of Jena was named after the famous local optician Carl Zeiss. It is a state grammar school (Gymnasium) and offers specialized instruction in mathematical, scientific and technical subjects.

When the subject of providing warm midday meals for the pupils came up, it quickly became clear that making space for a catering operation was going to be difficult. It was decided that the only alternative to having hot meals delivered would be to use buffet trolleys to regenerate deep-frozen meals on the premises. This approach was tried out and found to work well, so the school ordered Temp-Classic buffet trolleys from temp-rite. Since early 2011, the school’s catering staff have been using these to regenerate meals prepared by the Cook-Freeze method. This solution is delivering meals that look and taste appetizing, and has found favour with the schoolchildren.

The catering staff started serving from the Temp-Classic trolleys on 7 February 2011 after having received special training. Since then, up to 270 meals a day have been provided for the pupils. The initial operation of this midday meal service was supervised by temp-rite staff.

The Temp-Classic buffet trolleys offer the following advantages:

  • The pupils can decide on the spot which menu and which individual meal components they would like. Rather than having to accept pre-set meals, they can choose from a range of meal components.
  • Meals do not have to be ordered a day in advance.
  • The pupils have a say in the size of the portions they are served.
  • Direct contact with the young diners provides the catering staff with more accurate feedback.
  • Administration costs have been reduced (no meal-requirement cards, and therefore no card processing).
  • Less food has to be ordered in, since the main meal components are delivered in bulk containers. And since meals are not plated until just before they are consumed, there are far fewer leftovers, which means less work for the catering staff.

temp-rite’s Temp-Classic buffet trolley has on board all the technology required not only for the Cook-Freeze production method stipulated by the school, but also for keeping meal components prepared by means of the Cook-Serve method in perfect condition. In addition, it can regenerate food prepared by the Cook-Chill method. Temp-Classic trolleys are also extremely well designed from the ergonomic point of view, in particular with regard to user comfort, safety, and ease of cleaning.

The Temp-Classic trolley is available in a variety of versions. The Temp-Classic M, for example, has two compartments, one of them heated and the other cooled. The compartments are loaded with the aid of so-called transfer modules. These are wire cages on wheels in which 1/1 GN grids or containers can be inserted. These modules are easy to use, and take all the strain out of loading up the trolleys. Maintenance is also a breeze, for the internal compartments have rounded edges, and are therefore easy to clean once the transfer modules have been taken out. In addition, the trolley control unit has a setting for the heated compartment that automatically activates a cleaning cycle.

Food in the heated compartment is regenerated to a temperature of approx. 75°C within a pre-set time by a convection heater with a temperature control. The static cooling system for the refrigerated compartment is controlled by microprocessors in the central control unit. The temperatures in the two compartments can be viewed in the control-unit display.

The worktop consists of two separate heatable sections made of heat-resistant glass. So, as well as enabling the attractive presentation of the food on offer, the worktop will also keep it piping hot.

The Temp-Classic buffet system is functioning extremely well in the Carl Zeiss Gymnasium. Its introduction is supporting a centrally organized, modern meal-distribution system tailored specifically to the requirements of school catering.

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