GeräteScan-Box –
our new temperature-maintaining carts

Insulated convection-chilled or statically heated carts for meal distribution and holding of food. The active heating and cooling functions keep food temperatures at a constant level.

Depending on the version, the trolleys are statically heated or have Peltier cooling. The heated versions support infinitely variable temperature setting up to +90°C, while the temperature of the versions with cooling functions are infinitely variable down to +3°C. Both types feature a digital display. Doors open through 270° and are held in the open position by a magnet. The ergonomically shaped handles ensure easy and safe operation.

The cart exteriors are constructed of black reinforced fibreglass and aluminium profiles with a 30 mm-thick insulating layer. The interior walls are made of anodized aluminium and have runners for removable stainless-steel racks. Each set of runners takes GN 1/1 – 65 mm containers (or their equivalent). Max. container loading capacity: 10 kg. Distance between runners: 80 mm.

The cart is protected by a stainless steel top rail and low-level surround bumper. The bumper (also made of stainless steel) has all-round rubber cladding. Fitted with 2 fixed wheels and 2 braked swivel wheels. Diameter of all wheels: 160mm.


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