Aktive SystemeTemp-Contact –
setting a new standard in meal distribution

warme und kalte Speisen servierenwarme und kalte Speisen servieren Suitable for Cook-Serve, Cook-Chill/Cook-Freeze

Temp-Contact leaves no wish unfulfilled. It represents the latest generation in the temp-rite family of contact-heating systems, and can be used

  • ” in the ever-dependable Cook-Serve method of hot-meal distribution
  • ” in Cook-Chill operations – when you need streamlined work routines
  • ” in Cook-Freeze operations – which gives you the option of buying in complete menus.

Temp-Contact is extremely cost-efficient: the system can regenerate up to 40 meals in a trolley that takes up very little space.

Temp-Contact also leads the way when it comes to energy efficiency. It can distinguish between hot and cold, and remains deactivated where it detects cold dishes, or empty tray levels. Regeneration takes place in a micro heating environment, with heat being delivered to individual meal components exactly as required. Core hot-food temperatures of approx. 75°C are reached within a regeneration period of around 40 to 50 minutes.

The adoption of an innovative design approach has led to the creation of a low-height trolley that is compact and lightweight, and can be manoeuvred with ease by users tall and short. The interior is entirely of stainless steel, with deep-drawn embossed tray guides incorporated in the side walls. The HACCP logging system provides a data interface for inputting and outputting HACCP data; LAN and WiFi data-transmission options are also available. The system controls, consisting of an easy-to-use control panel with a symbol-based user interface, can be incorporated in the trolley or located externally (e.g. in a hospital ward).

The low-noise, low-maintenance active cooling system with its easily accessible components ensures that cold temperatures are maintained during the transport phase. The reinforced galley rail is fitted with highly knock-resistant plastic corner pieces and reinforcing brackets for the vertical pushbars. This tubular framework is set in a base that doubles as a low-level surround bumper with reinforced corners. The base of the trolley and the tubular framework provide considerable mechanical stability, and afford ample protection during transport in the back of, e.g., lorries or vans.


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