GeräteCool-Rite –
the ultimate air-curtain refrigerator

kalte Speisen servieren Suitable for Cook-Serve, Cook-Chill/Cook-Freeze

Air-curtain refrigerator for maintaining cold menu components at HACCP-recommended temperatures.

Inner and outer surfaces are made of stainless steel. The inner walls have air slots in the vicinity of the door to ensure optimum air circulation. When the door is open, a curtain consisting of cold air is formed to prevent warm air from entering, and cold air from escaping. As a result, the door can be kept open for 45 minutes without the temperature rising above +5°C.

The side walls are equipped with nine pairs of sloping stainless-steel runners with a pitch of 100 mm. These will hold up to nine 2/1 GN-trays or pans (530 x 650 mm) or eighteen 1/1 units (530 x 325 mm). The runners can be removed for cleaning. The sturdy door, which is mounted on the right, is fitted with a gasket and a handle with a lock. The hinges allow the door to be opened through 270°. In addition, the Cool-Rite has two handles at the back and an all-round bumper profile.

The Cool-Rite has 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels with brakes. All the wheels have a corrosion-protected housing and measure 125 mm in diameter. The condensing unit is located at the base of the cabinet for optimum stability, including during transport. The Cool-Rite is equipped with a main switch with signal light and a control unit. The controller displays temperatures and alarms, and allows temperature presetting. A programmable software lock is provided to prevent unauthorized temperature adjustment. Defrosting is automatic, but can also be set manually. Condensation water is evaporated.


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