New range of insulated mugs and bowls in the product category Temp-Liquid – availbable from May 2020

NUOVA – the Italian name means « New » and shows also Origin of the product ranges. Modern, designed in Italy, hygienic, economical and safe – the double-walled mugs and bowls defines a new Quality standard.

Product advantages at a glance

  • modern: Contemporary product design, developed exclusively for temp-rite
  • economical: Thanks to the completely sealed product form, the products are very   durable, even in continuous use
  • hygienic: completely closed products, no penetration of water or other liquids
  • sustainable: the product components could be separated and then added to   reprocessing cycles
  • safe: complete provision of all product certificates


Product informationen – insulated mugs
  • Availbale in three top-selling colors
     Night-blue                      Burgundy                     Light-grey
  • Compatible with current range of lids (TRB55G, TRB54G, TTRH03G, TRK116)

Technical data:
measurements:                   ø ca. 85 mm   ca. 87 mm height
Volume:                                   0,20 Liter
PU:                                             48 pieces


  • TRMC457   Insulated mug, color: Light-grey
  • TRMC487   Insulated mug, color: Burgundy
  • TRMC497   Insulated mug: color: Night-blue

Product information – insulated bowls

  • Available in three top-selling colors
     Night-Blue                      Burgundy                     Mauve


  • Compatible with current range of lids (TRB71G, TRK03G, TRK03G-H, TRID010)

Technical data:
measurements:                   ø ca. 120 mm, ca. 72 mm height
volume:                                    0,34 Liter
PU:                                             24 pieces


  • TRBC487    Insulated bowl, color: Burgundy
  • TRBC488    Insulated bowl, color: mauve
  • TRBC497    Insulated bowl, color: Night-Blue