TablettsystemeTemp-Mediteran –
a universally usable tray system

Suitable for Cook-ServeSuitable for Cook-Serve warme & Suitable for Cook-Serve

Our Temp-Mediteran insulated tray system has two essentially rectangular compartments and a T-shaped central compartment that will hold a rectangular plate and cutlery or the like. If desired, round bowls can be placed in the rectangular compartments. The Temp-Mediteran server also has two circular compartments: one for 19-cm starter plates, and one for 21-cm main-course plates. A menu-card holder can be clipped onto the server. The cover encloses the entire server.

Server approx. 530 x 375 x 47,0 mm (Euro-Norm)
Cover approx. 530 x 375 x 64,5 mm
Height of set approx. 103,5 mm


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